HOSTED JUST ONCE PER YEAR - this is an incredible course, supporting you with your floristry know-how and skills - 12 sustainable floristry designs, 8 theory guides covering the most beautiful flowers through the seasons, a care guide, your tool kit and how to source flowers - taught by globally renowned florist, Philippa Craddock.

“This online Masterclass shares everything I wish I had known at the very beginning of my floristry career. It includes my first few years of practical learning and gives flower enthusiasts and florists, the confidence and enjoyment to design with flowers.”  PHILIPPA CRADDOCK


Participation in Floristry Fundamentals Masterclass is available just once per year.  You will join other flower enthusiasts & florists from all over the world.


Over 8 hours of film with Philippa across 20 practical & theory tutorials, alongside detailed PDFs guides, 3 live Q&As & a wholly supportive global community.


All the course material is yours to keep, you can participate at your own pace & you will receive any future updates with no additional charge. 

Starting at the beginning, Philippa will teach you how to create beautiful, sustainable designs.

If you are a budding florist at the start of your career, thinking about a change in career, an existing florist who needs a refresh and to be inspired, or you are a flower enthusiast who just loves to work and play with flowers, then this Masterclass is for you.

Philippa will open your eyes to see flowers & floristry in a new way.

The finest detail of the tiniest bloom, revealing the beauty in a single stem, combining flowers and foliage to extraordinary effect, sharing her talent and intuition and creating wild and natural designs as well as perfectly formed, spiral hand-ties with the most stunning combination of colours and flowers. There are no other courses like this and no other teachers like Philippa.

By the end of the Masterclass you will understand not just the techniques & designs, but the essential foundations of floristry.

You will understand how to choose the best seasonal blooms and foliage, how to care for and condition flowers, the importance of texture, depth, scale, shape and colour, which tools you should buy, ideas from where to source flowers, how to work out how many stems are needed for a design and how to perfect sustainable techniques.

20 Practical & Theory Tutorials

Over eight hours of film tutorials and 20 downloadable PDF documents across both practical & theory modules.  Live Q&As to answer all your questions, a wholly supportive global community of likeminded souls, plus lifetimes access to the course.


Over eight hours with Philippa, sharing 12 new and unique sustainable designs.


Each is downloadable and includes detailed visuals to help support each film.


With stunning visuals, accompanying films & downloadable PDF guides.


Live sessions with Philippa - each one will be hosted for approx. one hour and recorded so you can re-watch.


One private, kind, encouraging & wholly supportive global community, for you to share & discuss new ideas.


Lifetime access to the Masterclass, keep connected with your community & receive any future updates with no additional cost.


Four Hand-Tied Bouquets

Four in-depth step-by-step films, taking you through each stage of creating a different style of bouquet - wild and abundant, hand gathered, asymmetrical & stylised and petite posies, all using different colour combinations.

Supporting visual PDFs detailing all the ingredients, steam counts, tools and written step-by-step guides accompany.

Three Table Designs

Three step-by-step films, taking you through each stage from design to creation of three very different table arrangements - all round and dense with flowers, grouping and detailed and asymmetrical & stylised.

Supporting visual PDFs detailing all the ingredients, stem counts, tools and written step-by-step guides accompany.

Three Statement Designs

Three step-by-step films taking you through the stages of designing and creating medium statement designs that demand attention, focusing on larger sustainable techniques. These skills are perfect to create significant designs for entrance hallways and small events.

Supporting PDFs detailing all the ingredients, stem counts, tools and a written step-by-step guide accompany.

Wreath & Flower Crown

Two step-by-step films, taking you through each stage of designing and creating a summer wreath, working with biodegradable material, with a natural finish, plus the steps behind a delicate, detailed seasonal flower crown.

Supporting PDFs detailing all the ingredients, stem counts, tools and a written step-by-step guide accompany.



12 design tutorials | 12 how-to-guides | 8 theory & behind the scenes guides


£250 each

12 design tutorials | 12 how-to-guides | 8 theory & behind the scenes guides

Sarah Gilchrist (Masterclass Alumni)

“I loved the combination of video then the beautiful hard copies that were so easy to save, which means you have that to keep going back to. I also loved the community group which gave you a real sense of being part of something amazing.”


Flowers Through the Seasons

Philippa’s favourite flowers through the seasons, exploring different shapes and colour tones.

Greenery Through the Seasons

Philippa’s favourite seasonal foliage across a variety of different designs.

The Care of Flowers

We look at the steps in detail to help you increase your flowers' longevity, looking at different methods across different varieties.

Your Tool Kit

All the essentials to build a perfect and thorough tool kit, to help you create essential designs with ease.

Sourcing Flowers

How to forage safely, the best flowers to grow at home, local growers, larger international growers (focussing on sustainability & fair-trade), flower markets and wholesalers around the world.

Setting Up Your Space

An exclusive explanatory guide sharing Philippa’s personal at home floristry area and how to set up your own space.

Essential Prop Guide

The essential props and the most versatile vessels to have in your store cupboard.

Flowers & Design

An insight into Philippa’s philosophy of flower design: colour combinations, the use of texture and the shape of designs. It also includes a brief history of flowers and the influence of flowers in design, beyond arranging.

Mary Ann Elstob (Masterclass Alumni)

“I would love to do more courses. I especially love the fact that it is sustainable floristry. I really enjoyed the private community group where it is a safe environment to share.”

The accompanying PDF Guides - to the 12 Practical Tutorials - are full of supporting ideas, detailed lists & essential pointers for you to download, keep and refer back to again and again (below is a mini preview).


I first discovered designing with flowers eleven years ago. It was an instant love affair, but I didn’t have prior experience and I felt a little scared knowing how much I needed to understand. I was certainly intimidated by other florists, with their years of training and experience, and their endless glossy portfolios. Every evening I devoured as many flower books as I could find, I looked online, but there was nothing I could find that would teach me the core fundamentals, to give me the confidence to design in my own unique way.

I therefore found large growers and wholesalers, I poured through their availability lists, searched the names of flowers and what they actually looked like. I played with mood boards on paper, pairing different colour combinations and textures, and then when I thought I had the perfect combination, I discovered the key flowers in my planned design were out of season! So I then had to understand the seasons, and also the longevity of each flower, how best to look after different stems. And also how each stem would look different from their images online, how their stems moved in different ways and also their size, petite looking flowers on paper were actually huge and what I thought could be show stoppers, were tiny!

This Masterclass represents my first five years of learning, at the point where I began to feel really confident in my skills and knowledge. It also goes beyond that, to include everything that I feel is essential, to give you the confidence to design with complete enjoyment.

I have loved every minute of bringing this to life, and I am so excited to have you join me and other students from around the world.

With huge love,
Philippa xx

P.S. if you have any questions at all, please do email [email protected] who will be thrilled to help and advise (and you can also always send me a DM via Instagram, I try to reply to every message I receive).

Karen Grimsey (Masterclass Alumni)

“The course, the tutorials and the group was a fantastic experience for me. Especially as there were people from all over the world ! The Masterclass was a present to myself and one I shall cherish and use the knowledge from for ever ! I would love to be part of another Masterclass in the future too.”

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The Moorland Flower Co. (Devon, UK)

“I can’t thank you enough for the video - it’s great as it’s not pressurised and shows what beginners can do without being judged. This workshop is fantastic at demystifying the making of designs.  

Re+Bloom Couture Florals (Philadelphia, USA)

“I just bought it, watched it and LOVE it! I love the layers of texture. Can’t wait for more videos and thank you for the affordable price point!”

Sharon Wedgewood (New Jersey, USA)

“This was so exciting to see you in action and watch the beautiful designs materialise. I was just out yesterday cutting branches. Now this gives us even bigger ideas for our next project. Thank you so much.”

Sylvia Wan (Texas, USA)

“Wow, how beautifully made, with all the details and affordable; thank you with all my heart.”

Pilar Currea (Bogotá, Columbia)

“Just watched the whole workshop, wonderful, an absolute pleasure, thank you.”

Virginia Abuela Feliz (Frontera, Argentina)

“So beautfiul! Thank you for sharing.”

Masterclass Alumni

"I loved the course, it was beautifully put together and although it was paid for, it felt like a real privilege to have such expertise right here in my home."


Masterclass Alumni

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Masterclass !  I have learnt such a lot from you Philippa but also others on the course.  I was slightly concerned that the class would be mainly for professional florists, with a sort of token nod to amateurs like myself, but that was certainly not the situation.  Thank you one and all!"

Masterclass Alumni

"Coming from the highlands of Scotland it is hard and very expensive to travel to courses of this quality. I can’t express how much pleasure this course and fabulous knowledge it has given me. Philippa you have done an outstanding job, thank you."


“Known for her work with brands such as Chopard, Patek Philippe and Bvlgari, you can throw anything at Philippa, including - as has happened - a demand for 40,000 pink roses for an event with only a few days’ notice. She’s a floral mastermind.”

“Philippa Craddock knows how to make an entrance. The self-taught florist was responsible for the cascading arch of greenery that decorated the facade of St George’s Chapel, in Windsor, for Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Now she will soon be releasing an incredible new series of online Workshops, the first will make your home fit for a royal visit. ”

“A genius in the world of floristry, Philippa Craddock has produced inspirational displays for the likes of Tiffany & Co., Jo Malone and Lancôme, and has been recently appointed as Selfridges’ only florist, where she creates jaw-droopingly gorgeous bouquets.”

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