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CREATE YOUR PERFECT WEDDING FLOWERS - from imagining breathtaking wedding flowers to being surrounded by them on the big day with one of the world’s best wedding florists as your personal guide.

When you plan a wedding, so much thought goes into the right venue, but that is just the start. The venue is the space, the shell... when you start to add your individual touches, nothing is more personal and unique than the flowers. No two designs are ever the same and no two florists will ever produce the same designs – the opportunities to create something unique and extraordinary are endless.

When you create wedding flowers you are realising a dream;  the flowers create the most beautiful backdrop, perfectly enhancing the space, warmly welcoming guests, beautifully complementing the bride and to create this yourself, with confidence, it is the most incredible feeling.

Create Your Beautiful Wedding Flowers with Complete Confidence


one payment

9 design tutorials | how-to-guides | behind the scenes guides | one of the world's best florists holding your hand


2 x £250

two payments over two months

9 design tutorials | how-to-guides | behind the scenes guides | one of the world's best florists holding your hand


Is This Masterclass For You?

You are one of the wedding party
and you would love to create wedding flowers | you are a florist or just starting out in floristry and want practical, breathtaking design options and the confidence that everything will be perfect leading up to, and on the day.

You wish to create sustainable, relaxed and romantic wedding flowers. You need peace of mind that everything you do will be perfect, so you can relax and enjoy being creative. You want an online course where you can watch the tutorials as many times as you choose, when you choose, to give you complete confidence knowing that Philippa is sharing her years of experience and has thought through every detail for you.

Philippa Craddock has designed for hundreds of weddings around the world. She has an intuitive gift for design, has simplified all the mechanics and is passionate about sustainable floristry.  Her huge wedding portfolio has made her a logistical expert and she is a positive, generous, trusted and well-loved teacher.

By the end of this Masterclass you will be able to:


Create 9 stunning, sustainable wedding designs with ease - from delicate buttonholes to breathtaking statement designs.


Choose your favourite flowers by colour, shape and season, to ensure all your designs are uniquely yours.


Manage your flower timings from purchase & conditioning, to designing, creating & setting up.


Manage your flower budget and easily come up with creative ways to really stretch and expand your design options.


Understand stem counts to enable you to purchase the correct quantities of flowers and foliage, and apply to each design.


How to condition your flowers to make them last and look their fullest and best on the day of your wedding day.

“Thank you for all the love and dedication that you put into making the flowers both in St George’s Chapel and St George’s Hall so incredibly beautiful. I know that you put hours of work into this project before you were able to even start thinking about the flowers, design or any of the actual creative side.

What you achieved was an extraordinary work of art, and the displays inside and outside the Chapel completely reflected the couple’s initial brief of natural and relaxed floral arrangements.

I know that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex both felt that what you did was to create something really wonderful. We all really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with you - it was a huge privilege.”  


A brief glimpse into one of the Design Tutorials: Bridesmaids' Posy

Here is a brief edit of one of our filmed design tutorials to share what one looks like; just take a minute or two to glance inside our Bridesmaids' Posy Tutorial. We hope this gives you an idea of the detail, Philippa's style of teaching and just how easy it is to learn online.

The full Bridesmaids' Posy Tutorial is 21mins in length.


“Wedding flowers are such a creative, evocative and beautiful part of every wedding. Many people would love to create wedding flowers but are too nervous to do so - they want someone to hold their hand, and I am thrilled I can now do that to enable you to create wedding flowers with confidence. I will teach you everything I know, to ensure you create the most beautiful wedding flowers and gain incredible lifelong skills.”


9 Filmed Tutorials - 1 for each sustainable design, for you to watch and re-watch as many times as you wish.
9 How-to Guides, one for each design including step-by-step visual summary, stem counts, ingredient list, tool kit and costs


An elegant, romantic design, perfect for every bride and easily adaptable - taught in the most beautifully straightforward way. 


Perfectly complementary designs, to frame the bridal bouquet - designed for both bridesmaids and flower girls.


Create a highly sophisticated design with ease, following unfussy techniques - for everyone & anyone in the bridal party. 


We look at a variety of options, to  help you make plenty of delicate buttonholes, for as many as needed in the bridal party.  


A unique, versatile hand tied design which can be easily adapted to decorate & bring focus to ceremony chairs, curtain tie backs, garden gates and so much more.


Three different design ideas, which can be combined together or one selected - perfect for both long and round tables, and any size and any setting.


An installation design you can create with ease - it looks magnificent and slightly daunting to make, but Philippa shows you every step, for you to create your own.


A breathtaking design that you can adapt to any window, doorway and/or archway. A perfect arrangement for a beautiful photo backdrop.


A classic statement design, for both ceremony and reception areas - frame the bride and groom during the marriage, welcome guests into a hallway and add elegance to a bar.

"This is probably the most stunning of all the amazing tutorials I have watched. The blending of colours and the bridging colour tones is just the most exciting thing to watch. The mechanics are so useful and appropriate for a number of other designs - I can't wait to try this design and then experiment with other ideas. Thank you so much Philippa for your generosity in sharing your talent with us."

Johanna Gates, Create Your Own Wedding Flowers Masterclass Alumni


7 easy to follow, behind the scenes, essential Wedding Flower Guides.


Philippa has written this beautiful 70 page guide especially for this course. Sharing her favourite flower and foliage choices across the seasons and presented across 4 stunning colour palettes. 


An essential guide to ensure your timing is spot-on and stress-free from purchase to set-up. Philippa also shares when you can work alone and when you will need to ask for help. This includes your own timing ‘fill-in’ sheet to manage your own dates.


Our budget template covers all the costs you need to consider within a useful ‘fill-in’ format for you to add all your own costs.


Philippa shares all the main places for you to buy your flowers from.


A day by day plan to ensure you order all your different varieties at the right time.


This includes how to condition your flowers and look after them perfectly from the minute they arrive until they are on display.


This crucial guide takes you through every step from transporting the designs, the kit you will need for set up and key tips when on site.


Great tips to help you easily clear up and how to continue enjoying your flowers after your wedding day.


This beautiful journal is yours to print out, fill out and keep. It will record all your flowers and designs.

Bernadette Eccles

“I felt I was almost taking part on a one to one basis with Philippa. The course is of a very high quality which reflects her expertise as a brilliant florist.I don’t think you can get much better than her courses as they are filmed beautifully and with care and are very encouraging.

The course is so easily accessible, beautifully filmed and explained in detail from a range of angles. Having seen the quality of the course I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another one in the future."

Emma O'Farrell

“I just adore that everything is explained, itemised costs of flowers, flower choice and why. This course has gone beyond my expectations. will be chatting to the local florist to source my flowers, now just to keep rewatching as find it mesmerising and I am so inspired."

Hazel Foxton

“As a beginner I have really appreciated Philippa’s patience the insight into mechanics, flower care and seasonal flowers and foliage.  Compared to some one-day floristry workshops I have considered I really feel the course is outstandingly good value and the amount of knowledge Philippa shares is so generous.   Philippa gives the impression of genuinely wanting us to succeed."


Private Supportive Community Group:

Our community groups are such a key part of our courses. They are completely private and secure, and not held on any public social media platforms. The rules are really simple: be kind, support one another, share your ideas, post your designs and ask any questions. Philippa and the team are regularly in the group answering questions and giving feedback.

Online, Ongoing Course Access:

The joy of an online course is that it is yours to keep and view whenever you choose. You can watch and re-watch the tutorials as many times as you like. There are no time limitations, you can learn at 6am or 10pm. You can watch the course now, watch it again in a few months and then as your wedding day gets closer, you can start to make notes and plans for your big day. What remains consistent is that you will have Philippa as your teacher, whenever you are ready to learn.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee:

We know this is an investment and sometimes it’s hard to see if an online course has everything you need. We invite you to sign up and spend a few days viewing the tutorials. With our 7 day money back guarantee, if you are not completely delighted, just let us know.

Create Your Beautiful Wedding Flowers with Ease & Enjoyment


one payment

9 design tutorials | how-to-guides | behind the scenes guides | one of the world's best florists holding your hand


2 x £250

two payments over two months

9 design tutorials | how-to-guides | behind the scenes guides | one of the world's best florists holding your hand



Over the last decade, I have designed and created Wedding Flowers for hundreds of brides and grooms. From the opulence and glitz of celebrity weddings, the elegance and protocol of the royal wedding, bohemian relaxed outdoor weddings with tipis and wild chefs, beach ceremonies, large Jewish weddings with extravagant chuppahs, magnificent Indian ceremonies with intricate mandaps, civil partnerships and small country church weddings.

What this means is that I have met, worked with, and listened to hundreds of brides, grooms, their families and friends, and I really do understand what is important. I will make sure the wedding flowers you create fill you and everyone with joy and happiness. I know how to manage your time to ensure the process is stress-free. Most of all, I know how important it is to you that every wedding flower design is unique and reflects your style and ethos.

Whilst this course contains 9 designs, each one will look unique for you. I teach in a way to give you the confidence to easily adapt every design.  I guide you from the very beginning, by helping you to choose your flowers, create them with your own style and taste, and be bolder and more excited than you ever imagined you could be with your flowers.  I want the planning, making and the day itself to fill you with happiness. 

Every wedding fills me with joy and promise, and I love making wedding flower dreams come true. Every design I share with you is tried and tested. I have thought through every behind-the-scenes circumstance to ensure the day runs smoothly and stress-free. If you join me in my Masterclass, and I really, really hope you do, then I know you will feel confident and really enjoy creating your designs.

I have poured all my experience, knowledge, inspiration and love into this course and I absolutely love it. I hope you do too.  I can’t wait to welcome you.

With huge love,
Philippa x

Kornelia Mund

“I am totally smitten by Philippa's work. Philippa opened my eyes to floristry. I started following her on Instagram. I have always loved flowers but never thought I could do anything with it. I would never have dreamt of signing up to a course and I thought long and hard about investing almost £500. But I am so happy I did it, it's so worth it."

Edmond Chau

“I was absolutely mesmerised by the beauty of the combination of the flowers. Furthermore, it was great to see your enjoyment in creating it even though you must have done hundreds of them previously. Thank you for explaining and demonstrating so clearly."

Debbie Evans

“This course has been absolutely amazing! You share so much and it has helped me enormously. I am inspired! Thank you so much."

Sue Merota

“You are inspirational! I have enjoyed every design and love the fact I can watch when it suits me and also rewatch as often as I wish. It’s good to have the downloads too and the costings. Thank you."

Wilma Murray

“You make everything appear to be so simple. I Just love your style and approach to learning ... I am learning so much.... we are all so lucky to be able to benefit from your expertise."

Carolina Schandy

“The tutorials are incredible, so clear and full of useful and important tips. I love watching your work, it is immensely inspiring. Thank you!"

“Known for her work with brands such as Chopard, Patek Philippe and Bvlgari, you can throw anything at Philippa, including - as has happened - a demand for 40,000 pink roses for an event with only a few days’ notice. She’s a floral mastermind.”

“Philippa Craddock knows how to make an entrance. The self-taught florist was responsible for the cascading arch of greenery that decorated the facade of St George’s Chapel, in Windsor, for Harry and Meghan’s wedding. She has just launched an incredible new series of online Workshops, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge to create perfect design.”

“A genius in the world of floristry, Philippa Craddock has produced inspirational displays for the likes of Tiffany & Co., Jo Malone and Lancôme, and was appointed for five years as Selfridges’ only florist, where she created jaw-droopingly gorgeous bouquets.”

“Philippa knows how to make an entrance ... and it may come as a surprise that ten years ago, the self-taught florist who’s worked with the likes of Hermès, Alexander McQueen, and Kensington Palace (she designed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding flowers), had just begun experimenting with the art of arrangements. In this short time, she’s risen to the top.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check here first if you have any questions, otherwise we would be delighted to help; please email [email protected]